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  1. Steph Said:

    This site Dr. Vadoo and Dr. Brain Worker both threatened me to send money or they would doom me and my family.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Submitted on 2012/02/10 at 3:09 pm | In reply to Steph.

      You should have told them if they could actually cast a spell then you would be afraid. What makes thes idiots actually think a threat of doom would work when they were not able to get they client what they wanted in the first place? Tell them to doom away because you are not afraid.

    • denice Said:

      denice Said:

      on July 24, 2012 at 8:13 pm

      Hi, Can you comment on Tish from Premium Love spells? I have been working with her 2 months. she emails everyday says it WILL happen and I WILL be very happy but I am starting to think BS I spent intial 70.00 then 45.00 for a soaded reading which none of it’s manifested yet. and then 90.00 for some rainborw thing with energy. She creates, enormous and very creative emails. Please any help I would truly be appreciative.


  2. Andy Said:

    Is he real or fake

    • lordgameover Said:’s a new website for starters. Take a look at the content…results in four days, who falls for that these days? If that were true I would not receive over 100 emails per day. If such a powerful caster existed, rest assure I would have found him or her a long time ago. So yes in my opinion it’s just another scam site. I took time to read through the testimonials, I spotted common grammatical errors that were consistent through all the post which would indicate that the same person wrote the post. Do not let the pictures fool you, it is too easy to pull random photos off the web. Overall, I do not trust the page or the person from the video. Each person has a unique writing style regardless of country of origin. The writing style exhibited in all the post exhibits clear signs that the same individual is responsiable for writing all the post. Hope this helps. Just so I am clear, I have not used this caster and have no plans on testing him..I would rather throw my money in the trash before I gave him a dime to prove he is fake.

  3. subliminalcessation Said:

    Hi lordgameover,
    I guess you could say I’m the latest victim of Lee Ann of powerfuldivinelovespells. Can you please tell me how I can contact you via email, so I can give you a bit more information on my situation. I would prefer not to disclose everything on a public blogging system. I have read your blogs and you really seem to know what you are talking about and would love to be able to talk with you in private. Thanks
    subliminal cessation

    • lordgameover Said: I advise everyone to do a general google search on spell casters before attempting to use them. If a caster promises you stuff that sounds too good to be true, that is because it is. I cannot say enough how important it is to learn a little about how magick and spirits work before you work with any caster. Please everyone reading thes post, do not make decisions based on your emotions, that what scammers work on.

  4. subliminalcessation Said:

    Hi lordgameover. Looking forward to hearing from you as I have founded more dirt on Lee Ann of powerfuldevine lovespells. Would like to share it with you.

  5. harris Said:

    lord, u sure about…… as in its a def scam?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Harris..if I would have only found one or two rip off reports on them I would say maybe not, however they are referenced on several forums as being a scam. To be fair most people will call a caster a scam if they do not get results, however I have a feeling that is not the case with them. I have never used them so I cannot say from my personal experience that they are a scam.

  6. mpy73 Said:

    Hi, i have just signed up to this , and i was wondering if ashra is real or fake, as a lot of people say she is fake?

    • lordgameover Said:

      mpy73, ASHRA is one of the biggest scammers you will find. Stay clear of her. When I started looking for a spell caster a few years back, she was the first caster to scam me. She is not to be trusted at all. She has several websites. Run like you are on fire, because if you use her you are sure to get burned!

      • lordgameover Said:

        Someone emailed me and asked about I receive a lot of emails so I do not have time to search to reply with additional information so I’m posting it here. I reached out to a fellow spell scam buster, most of you know Karyn and I work this effort together. Below is her findings. As you can see extensive research is done on casters who make claims that they are real, this just shows you how clever they try to be when they try to cover their scam tracks.

        I found some interesting things. I would say highly questionable, though I found no direct complaints on the permanent. I do recall I looked into her in 2008 and she claimed all her spells were permanent, now her site reads differently and sounds logical. However gulshanpowers -which his address (the register’s info. leads to) does have complaints calling them scams. I doubt that last bit will display for you, but you can see he is connected to gulshanpowers. To make matters more confusing there is also another by his name and her’s too.

        I did see her listed with known scammers, but not sure if that means anything. It often does, though. She or he does advertise as Real Witches casting you for you in almost every known location known to man, on the internet. If you Google it you can see, that location after location displays, much like known scammers. I find it conflicting she sells curses and he (whomever this is and could even be her) wards off pyschic attacks primarily, or so they claim.

        po box 1651
        coorparoo dc
        brisbane, queensland 4151

        Registered through:, LLC (
        Domain Name: THEPERMANENT.COM
        Created on: 30-Jan-08
        Expires on: 30-Jan-13
        Last Updated on: 21-Jan-11

        Administrative Contact:
        telman, alexander
        po box 1651
        coorparoo dc
        brisbane, queensland 4151
        (041) 069-0847

        Technical Contact:
        telman, alexander
        po box 1651
        coorparoo dc
        brisbane, queensland 4151
        (041) 069-0847

        Domain servers in listed order:

        This is what I found thru searching There are many sites associated with this person. You can Google and see. This led me to Below is for sure that Bondye ring. Additionally I see some complaints on Ripoff.

        Alexander Telman – PO 1651 Coorparoo DC, Brisbane, Queensland 4151 – 0410 690 847; alex@natural-earth.com

        Get Help from Emotional, Psychic and Paranormal Attack. Alex Telman Spiritual Healing & Exorcism.

  7. moses Said:

    LGO anyone claims to have results with i found her intresting

    • lordgameover Said:

      Moses, I am working with her. I do not discuss what I am having done but I do not expect to have results until fall. The feedback every few weeks is well worth it for me. She is a littly pricy so I don’t think too many people can afford her services. She sent pictures of everything she did. I also received everything she said she would mail to me.

  8. M Said:

    Ashra Spells also is fake. I purchased 11 spells $890 and its being 3 yrs all none worked even 1% & i cancelled them and she ignores the refund.. she’s a damn fake ………………………….

    ANSWER: I need to make a special page just for Ashra…how do people still trust her after all the bad stuff on the internet about her. I too was one of her victims so I know she is a liar and a theif.

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