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Recently Reported Scammers as of 8/8/12

Sir Amando

Kara Meadows is still in business people. I don’t know how considering she has been on ever scam list arounf for at least 3 years that I am aware of.



Gary Williams

Someone asked about this caster. Below is what I found on the individual.


Posted: 2009-09-07 by Pychic Investigator
Big psychic scam on Craigslist
Complaint Rating:

Company information: United States

I called the testimonial Mark that I found on Cragslist for his experience. Was told to go to Gary Williams for help as he got results numerous times. Gary over charged for readings and work, way more than his website states. Was told to do it, I did. Gary said results in 2 weeks, its been months and nothing. His ads states about psychic scams and how he accepts only Paypal. He refused to take paypal, wanted me to send western union or money order. This is the biggest psychic scam I have ever seen done with Craigslist. Mark gets people to go to him and give him their money and they see no results. They cannot be contacted by phone or email. Now after they got what they wanted, their ads are expiring?

It is factual that this persons paypal account does not work.

Warning Spell casters you find on Blogs and Forums are all Fake!

Reminder…No results means no money. Tell the con men to go find a real job. They are going nuts because the money well has started to dry up. It’s a new dawn ion the horizon and all good things must come to an end. Remember people all the stories you read about results on the blogs and forums are 100% fake.

Email Address only spell casters

All these spell casters are verified con men!


One email mail to show how I get information about these fake spell casters if you use online spell casters you will get burned!


Anonymous  said…

Patty holy Crap the dirty bitch gave me the same casters name with another name

Patty said…
Sheilla is a fuckin liar, this is the email she sent and this fucker she recommend scammed me..dirty ass bitch.

From: Carrick Sheilla
Sent: 08/06/11 10:59 PM
To: Patty Jones

Subject: Re: Spell Caster thats the email address of the second spell caster that ive used in Nigeria i just got it from my Diary. you may use any of the two they are both reliable.

August 28, 2011 11:06 AM

Sheilla said…
Patty you will never have your heart desire except you confess on this site about the false message you posted and all who claims my name on this blog.

August 28, 2011 1:29 PM

Scam Spell Caster list 1


Profile of a scammer


Welcome to my blog everyone. Over the last few months I have come to realize that fake spell scams on the internet has become a multimillion dollar business. Anyone with a computer can prey on the desperate and those in need. I have seen people getting scammed because they are trying to find a job to improve economic situations, spells to get lost love back and spells to cure illnesses. I have read some of the most bizarre stories on line about people getting their hear desire because of a spell caster. Look deep inside yourself when you read these stories and ask yourself are these people here to help me or deceive me? Your gut feeling does not lie. Let’s work together to put these people out of business. If you took your auto to a shop and the mechanic told you that you need to pay before he fixes your carwould you? Well the same applies when seeking any service. You pay after the services have been received. In spell casting they promise results so no results means no payment.  Also while the majority of scammers are located in Nigeria, they also have a significant amount of scammers in the USA and other parts of the world to include Canada, iceland, UK and so on.

Below is a partial list of tricks that fake spell casters use to get your confidence scam:

  1. You do not have to pay unless you get results but send money western union, pay pal or money gram  for materials.
  2. You do not have to send any money but I need you to buy the materials and send to me. The list often includes live animals and things they
    know you cannot gain access to.
  3. Send the money to a local store in their country and they will go by and pick up the materials