Gary Williams

Someone asked about this caster. Below is what I found on the individual.


Posted: 2009-09-07 by Pychic Investigator
Big psychic scam on Craigslist
Complaint Rating:

Company information: United States

I called the testimonial Mark that I found on Cragslist for his experience. Was told to go to Gary Williams for help as he got results numerous times. Gary over charged for readings and work, way more than his website states. Was told to do it, I did. Gary said results in 2 weeks, its been months and nothing. His ads states about psychic scams and how he accepts only Paypal. He refused to take paypal, wanted me to send western union or money order. This is the biggest psychic scam I have ever seen done with Craigslist. Mark gets people to go to him and give him their money and they see no results. They cannot be contacted by phone or email. Now after they got what they wanted, their ads are expiring?

It is factual that this persons paypal account does not work.



  1. M Said:

    so is Gary a scammer or not? he does give you his home address? i would assume he wouldnt do that if he was worried about his work?

    • lordgameover Said:

      M, Gary who? unless you go to an individuals home can you verify they actually live there? I can say I live at 555 Broken Twig Lane, San Diego, CA 91303. Just trying to educate people that scammers will use anything to gain your trust. Just please be careful.

  2. Dee Said:


    Has anybody used these casters? They sound lovely and always reply back to emails within 24 hours. However I’m not sure if they bring results.

    Please help!

    Think you

  3. mia Said:

    hi, do u think she is real?

    • Mia Said:

      regina, i had spent more $700 for spell last 7month. didn’t feel any result, never receive the item and she never even reply my email. 😦

  4. gelianer Said:

    LGO i used a spell from Claudia Williams, however, after casted comes to say, he’s not the guy, … long story short…most everything negative of him, or me getting a good person… end of it…im in square one…again….. :-/

    ANSWER: Are you saying that Claudia told you after casting your spell the guy is not rigt for you? Did you have a reading first? That is extreamly strange if that happened and not something a caster should do.

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