Clients Updates on Spell work.

Below is an update posted by a client of Sister Angel Rose . I do not endorse any caster on my list and using the same caster may or may not yield the same results for your situation.

Hello all….as promise I said once I got more movement and close to everything manifesting I would post and reveal the caster that helped bring my ex lover back. My situation was extremely complicated and I was for sure that my ex wasn’t coming back. My ex cut off all communication with me. He wouldn’t accept any of my calls, texts or letters I mailed. It seemed hopeless for my case. I had work casted my both Robin and Sister witch that didn’t send an ounce of movement. It wasn’t until I got a reading from Sister Angel Rose who told me that I needed a spiritual cleansing to start fresh and later work on bringing my ex back. Her reading was dead on with my situation and the energy and feelings she said my ex had was dead on as well. I started the work with Sister Angel Rose in April. It was a lot of work and dedication on my behalf. I stayed positive and studied the law of attraction every chance I could get. After completing my first ritual, I saw the first movement. I had not spoken with my ex in 6 months. At the end of May, he contacted me. After the contact, I started the second part of the ritual, it was one week after that when he contacted me again and we started to talk everyday on a regular basis. I’m half way into the second ritual, and we have been together and even been spending time together. We also been spending nights at each other houses. Now I still have more of the ritual to complete so I can strengthen the bound between us and keep it solid so I’m not completely done.
I will say that I am extremely happy and satisfied with Sister Angel Rose services. Also, I have been getting quite a bit of attention from other male figures since starting my work with Sister Angel Rose. It’s crazy, but I love it!




  1. khaled Said:

    Congratulations you are lucky Years ago of my life I try my without the benefit
    Now I use the one they recommended in this page I hope to be a real

  2. owen Said:

    Dear LOG,
    what do you think of is he a scam? and what about this guy
    please help me and guide me LOG

    • lordgameover Said:

      Owen, Doktosnake is 100% a scammer. is on my list of real spell casters. I do not know of a single person that used him who got results however. The people who use him said he has them do some weird stuff, most of them would not do what was asked so to be fair, maybe that is a reason they did not get results. For example one person reported that he was asked to urinate on some money and put in his wallet, he did not do as he was told.

      • owen Said:

        Am trying to contact but he is not responding, as for doktor snake I paid him 150£ and he finished casting 31st May told me might take 2 months for results, I didn’t see real changes but he still contacts me. How can I contact

      • lordgameover Said:

        Owen, the guy at blackmagicvoodoospells in my opinion is strange. he is real but can you not select another caster? Gosh, it’s my understanding that when he is out of country he does not respond and he is slow at responding when he is in country.

  3. pete Said:

    I just wanted to let you know that Jackie Barrett is SCAM because she casted my spell 6 months ago. Plus whenever i ask for Jackie to reply to my msg, her assistant replies and there is no way to know who is answering plus her paypal is different as its i mean what is there to hide and why cant she just use her
    I think everyone needs to be careful. Please be careful.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Pete, I have to disagree that Jackie Barrett is a scam. She has been on national TV for her abilities as a psychic. As for her spell work, when I had her listed I said she was a good reader and she was real. I have had people tell me they saw little movement in the spell she cast. I know the spell work she did for me did not work, but I would not say she is a scam. In addition, I agree that the two email addresses is strange. You never know if you are emailing her or her assistant. In addition, I use one email address for my paypal and another email address when I email people so I do not find that strange. I am sorry that things did not work out for you with Jackie, but like I have said many times, no caster can say for certain that they can get you the results you are seeking. I thank you for sharing your experience so that others will benefit from this information.

  4. MagicLibra Said:

    Hi lordgameover,

    One question: lots of the spell casters asks very detailed information for the other person you want to have a love spell on, won’t we be worried that they might blackmail us later for asking more money or just destroy your life by contact the other person?

  5. Bridetobe Said:

    I am not too happy with Amayla. I paid for a spell via her site and she didn’t make any contact so I had to email her. She then made an excuse about not having wifi even though she responded via an iPhone (you don’t need wifi). I didn’t respond as this made me feel uncomfortable about her. I then said not to worry I have changed my mind I would like a refund she is saying she has done the work and does not issue refunds! There is no way she could have done the work as I didn’t send her any details of my situation! Sorry but I think she is a scam!

    • lordgameover Said:

      Amayla, got extremely busy after people started reporting they were getting results. My take on this is she is a young girl with a gift. She did not expect the amout of emails she would receive. I myself ordered a spell to test her and had to send 3 email before receiving a reply. Which reminds me, I must check to see if the work was done.

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