List OF Real Spell Casters – Lets work together to put scammers out of business!

I am listing again the list of spell casters that I am certain are real. They will do the work you paid for. I am not going to endorse one caster over the other. It is up to each individual to chose the caster they wish to work with. I have no personal relationship with any of these casters. Some I have have used myself and others were used by people who had results from them Not every caster here has ever had 100% results. So if you are seeking a caster who will make such false claims I suggest you do not contact any caster on this list. I am still testing several spell casters, if they turn out to be real I will add them to the list.


Spellbinding sisters: – outstanding customer service and very detailed in their work. Added 8/8/12

Izabael Dajinn  no complaints about her. She came from a recommendation from the Evocation website
Fuerza Ndoki site is being worked on righ at the time of this posting -recommended by the evocation website
Ninja Cat She is a little rough but honest. She does not take every case

Jason Miller’s recommended by the evocation website…I like this guy, he is a little on the blut side. I have never used this caster but a reliable source stated she had a weight loss spell done that worked. – Chris is a very nice guy, knows what he is talking about. Not so sure how accurate his readings are as I have had mixed reviews. Few have seen movement in this spells, I do not know of anyone who has completed spell work with him as of yet but will update if anyone reports results. I have commucicated with this caster myself and see no issues. He is a little pricy but he pays attention to detail. – nice guy will do the work you paid for  confirmed 100% real. Slow to respond to emails, requires you to have a great deal of patience, he is extremely detailed in his work. ***I do not recommend this caster however*** I receive a lot of complaints from clients about this caster.  He does not respond to emails and is slow at starting work.  Very nice lady, but extremely busy since the word got out about a successful love spell she did. She has more clients than you knows what to do with

Conjureman Ali –  takes his work very seriously – cheap spells and the work they do is very intense  Robin the witch, nice lady, but has gotten busy as well. Customer service is not what it use to be.(6/18/12- it pains me to do this but it would appear that Robin has taken on too many clients and I am receiving a ton of reports that she is not providing good customer service. Until she can get backon track I do not suggest that anyone use her. This does not mean she is not real, it just means she took on more than she can handle). You can call the number listed on the site as I will not list her personal information here. She is a nice lady, not quick to respond to emails or phone calls but eventually gets around to it. –  real but have mixed feeling on customer service – Super nice guy, will stay with you till the bitter end. –  Hector nice guy, I have  has lots of reports that his spells had movement and about 3 people reported full results. this lady is very interesting. She is also very detailed in her workings. – Know of a guy that used him. The spell was not successful but he did the work – just know she is real – will do the work, really nice man, do not know about his success rate. Nice man I have not worked with him. All I can assure you is he will do the work you paid for.


  1. Gene Said:

    Hi, any ideas on this site?


    • lordgameover Said:

      I took a look at the site and it read well. I was not able to locate anything bad on this caster. I am not supporting this caster unless I know someone who have actually used her and can verify that they were not scammed however.

      • Gene Said:

        Thanks for looking into it! I can’t seem to locate anyone who has used her services either. Maybe it’s a new site and people will come forward with their experiences over time.

      • Vinnie Said:

        Hi do you know anything about high priest ife osaze. He has two websites and any input I would thank u

        ANSWER: I do not think he is real. Stay away from African spell casters in 4 years not a single one turned out to be real.

  2. dee Said:

    Hi there,
    I got to know of your blog from a discussion in topix. Have you tried reviewing Thanks.

    • lordgameover Said:

      I see she has been advertising on a few forums. She comes across honest but they all know how to do that very well. She is new on the web so we are not going to find anything on her yet. She claims to have 80% success rate on her seplls. Her spells are not expensive so the investment is not great if she infact turns up to be fake. Sorry byt thats all I have on this caster.

    • Gene Said:

      She was apparently caught posting a fake testimonial of herself on a spellcaster discussion forum I belong to. They deactivated her account.

      • lordgameover Said:

        Really? Very interesting. I will be looking into the individual and will let you know what I come across. If she is fake then she will need to be stopped before she takes advantage of others.

      • dee Said:

        Really?? Thats not very nice what u said if its not true. I only heard good things abt her and ur the first whos said this abt her. Which forum is this? I would like to see what others have to say. Thanks!

  3. martynas Said:

    imchecking out some of theese links you have made online so i will get back to youand i will tell u do they really work – thansk for such a guidance and thanks again for exposing whats is real – bless

    • lordgameover Said:

      Please do let me know if any of them work out for you. I am constantly checking for real spell casters. Some are nice and some are not so nice unfortunately.

  4. martynas Said:

    thanks for reply i wil let you know about snake as well and well i have contacted someof your list but only third reply was positive,anyways its good to know that they are real and especially honest as robin and also prices amazed me reall:) and also what do you think about a gu barbatos hosts this..any thoughts?

    • harris Said:

      correct me if i am wrong, i couldnt find many rip offs on dr snake, but found one specially on this credible blog from you.. my question to you is that you said on feb 15 you will let us know about snake etc,,, and then on 20th you said he is a scam, what happened in those 5 days, your spell didnt manifest? also, when did your spell work start?

      • lordgameover Said:

        Harris, I sent him money and when his spell didn’t work he stopped replying to my emails. I had one other person test him and he did the same. If they are on the scam list, they are there for a reason. I’ve been in this for over 4 years and have been scammed by most of the casters out there.

  5. martynas Said:
    @Gene..have a look at the web design,the style is the same even the photo is on the same side and i think its the same two persons who operates and i have contacted only one of them but it seems to me from his Barbatos replys hes not that serious:/ i think its a scam…

    • lordgameover Said:

      It is my opinion that is a scam. I do work with others on testing casters. This caster has been tested. She stated she did the work for the individual and no contact from her since. What I am pointing out is all the things she says on her website about following up with her clients is a hughe lie. That in its self is a read flag and a warning to stay away. I also think both sites are realted.

  6. martynas Said:

    well i was checking both ip adresses and i think they are from even same house LOL:)) design is same almost and i can see it clearly(cause i used to do loadsof design works for nearly 10years)…just a proper scam and yeah in about week or two i will see is doktro snake a scam r not – i will defenately let you know,ofcourse i havent lost my faith to my issues but well see..

  7. amanda Said:

    hi, Lordgameover. i have been looking for a real spell caster for a long time. Would you please email me list of the ones you have worked before.

    • lordgameover Said:

      I sent you an email with the ist of casters which can also be found here. I do noot endorse one caster over another. Results are based on your situation. Just because a caster is able to give me results does not mean that same caster will be able to give you results. I have had results from two casters on the list, however I know of people who used the same casters and did not get any results at all. So I strongly suggest when looking at the list to pick a caster that will monitor your situation after casting the spell if you are looking for a love spell. I have seen more people get results from love spells when the caster monitors the work being done. Casters who monitors their work charge more and will contact you on a regular basis for you to do certain things to get the results you are seeking. Thos casters also limit the number of cases they work on because of the amout of time and work involved. Learn about magick before seeking a spell caster is my advice.

  8. martynas Said:

    DOKTOR SNAKE IS A SCAM! proper scam…0 results,i have paid enough mone and have waiting for enough time…DELET AND ABORT!!!!

  9. James Said:

    Any ideas on this site

  10. Ashley Said:

    My name is Ashley, I want to use this medium to thank the spell caster who helped my get back my family, my ex wife left me for over 2years.she never cared about me and months later I lost my job because of the depression and drinking because I love her so much, when I meant this man called KABAKA on line, he said he could help, I told him all my story and he felt sorry for me and asure me of a good result. After casting the spell, my wife called me after 5days, and now we are together again and preparing for our wedding, I also got my job back. U can as well contact him to help you, his email is KABAKASPELL@GMAIL.COM, or his mobile number +2348158050870. I own you kabaka.

  11. Shana Said: has a 100% guarantee, should we worry about going to him?

    • Renay Said:


      I had a spell cast by the spellcaster you mentioned. He sent the goods and I am assuming he did the work, however I had to do a whole ton of stuff myself as well. The stuff I had to do was very complicated and some of it quite gross, so I really am not sure. The spell never worked and so I am just not sure now if I just never did all that was required of me correctly as some of it involved wierd chanting in another language or if maybe because of some of the things I was told to do and because considering the rate of exchange I guess I was a little “cross” as it had cost me quite a sum of money and I felt that I had done all the work. I had to do all of the chanting and rituals for seven days and gross stuff for seven days on my own. So I cannot say that if perhaps if someone had more faith or perhaps pronounced the chants correctly the spell would have worked. I am not sure. What I can say is that I will not be going back to him for anymore spellwork whatsoever. I have had another spell cast by Robyn and have had very good small signs of manifestations of one of the spells and had one spell completely manifest. She is a true witch and I don’t think there should be any doubt about her abilities. However she has become very busy due to the various blogs including this one and so emailing her and receiving emails from her is challenging. I myself am a scam victim and LGO has helped me through the most difficult time in my life. I guess you could almost say he saved my life. The scammer still phones me and tries his utmost to intimidate me, but I am no longer his victim.

      • Renay Said:

        Sorry mispelled Robin’s name

      • lordgameover Said:

        Renay, all spell casters do thing a certain way. All the spell casters I have listed will do the work you paid for, however I cannot tell you who will get results. I have heard back from people who have had results from Robin and some who have not had results at all…that just shows everyone that spells do not work for everyone all of the time. I am sorry that the first spell caster didn’t work out for you but am happy that Robin did. Don’t ever let a scammer bully you, they can threaten you all they want…remember if they had any power at all then they would have been able to get you results. They are idiots!

    • lordgameover Said:

      He does the work that is all I know. No one can ever give 100% gurantee. I would ask the caster what he means by that and let him know that you know of people who have not had any results from his spells. I do not recommend any caster on the list over another because I do not know which one would work best with your situation, that is a question reserved for the caster. I strongly suggest you ask the caster you select lots of questions about what to expect once the spell is cast. If the caster gets upset then do not use that caster.

  12. dee Said:

    Hi LGO
    Would you pleaseeeee check on sheloya mystical and

  13. Renay Said:

    I just want to say to Lord Game Over thank you so much for everything you have done for me and so many other people, but especially for me. I am one of the people who was threatened by a scammer and with the help of emails from LGO he managed to somehow talk me out doing something really drastic. He is a really good man ad is doing really good things. The scammers are bad people and have scammed me out of tons and tons of money, but I am positive now and have moved on mostly thanks to LGO. Also thank you for doing the hard work of finding the reliable spellcasters and for listing them.

  14. martynas Said:

    another fake spelcaster or whatevar she is bu she claims she hasover 7billion peoplewhomshe helped – it says also that its for free but later it turns out that you need to buy her books worth 200 dollars but she can makediscount:D:D:D:D…cant stop laughing till now:D:D:D oh and lordgame over ill post some more fakespellcasters next week as i will get a newspaper which is based in uk andis known uk wide..the list will go on:)

  15. Steph Said:

    Thanks for your website really helpful. Orisha Ashe seems to appear on every single scam website like scaminformer, spellsforum & complaintsboard, boardreader & reviewstalk. I’ve backed away but LGO do you know anything about these?


    • lordgameover Said:

      Steph, the only reason she appears on those scam forums is because the fake spell casters put her there. Someone published her email address on one of those forums and as a result she gets spam emails that has overwhelmed her. I am 100% certain that she is not a scam and will not engage in any conversation to defend false alligations, just not worth the time or energy. I am not telling anyone to use any caster on the list I provided, so the option is still yours who you chose to use or not use.

  16. donkbaba Said:

    This man is the real spell caster we all need in this life, is name is DR EGU is so truthful and powerful with his oracle consulting, the only spell caster that work without you paying anything money to him, i really want to thank you for making my dreams come through, now i can proudly tell people in my country to contact you from your good work in my life. you can contact him through email: or call +2348073519558.

  17. I was looking over my back links and found this site among those linking to me. I thank you for the honorable mention. It is nice to be recognized.

    I believe in full disclosure. I am not permitted to freely publish certain details of sorcery to those to whom I am not bound as a teacher/mentor, but the spirituality, lifestyle, and much of the process is public information. I believe in empowering the seeker to help be a part of the solution to their problems.

    My price listings are based on a few different factors, but I will never turn someone away because they don’t have money. Just because you can’t afford the heaviest ceremonial work does not mean there is nothing you can do. I also understand skepticism since amazingly few will take the time to explain to people how things work.

    Most of the time, I do a kind of “division of labor”, which is why I recommend people write me for addition to my altar unless they know for certain what they need, and that they want me to do the entire ceremony, ebo, and collective conscious “tweaking”. I don’t charge people to do what I do every day: pray. If they are observant in a Nature based faith, they can also do their own ebo and other things that would take the costs down dramatically.

    Sometimes, when I explain to people what would need to be done, they find that all they really needed was that outline of what to do, and they take it from there. So most of what I make is from readings and donations from people I’ve helped or instructed.

    Also, I am part of a community here in Israel. When we do a big ebo, we do it together, so often instead of one person sponsoring an individual ebo, multiple people sponsor and this means they get a very high impact working done for a fraction of the cost.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.

  18. Richard Said:

    Hi Lord Game Over,

    What have your experinces been with Sheloya?



    • lordgameover Said:

      She is amazing according to everyone that have contacted me about using her. She responds to messages and is very detailed in her reply. I know of a girl that is working with her now. She cannot discuss the details of her work or what type of spell work she is having done. I asked her to inform me when she gets her results. I have not used her personally, but so far I have had no complaints about her. I will post the good with the bad because people eed to know what kind of interaction you can expect from a spell caster.

      • Yurri Said:

        did you hear back about this case?

  19. Yanner14 Said:

    Hi… Do you know anything about I saw her ad somewhere in a forum.. I emailed her and she is this voice tarot or maya… She have a website… She says she uses a different approach with spells the reiki healing.. Q… Any info if she is alright? Im interested with her but she’s not in your list… Thanx!!!

    • lordgameover Said:

      Yes. I have mixed feelings. In all honesty I have never heard of any real person getting results from her. She is very guarded about her work however. I cannot prove nor disprove if she actually does the work you pay for.

      • Yanner14 Said:

        She has facebook voice tarot is her name and she’s got testimonials there.. Also she’s in a forum in topixx with heading ‘reiki healings, love spells and tarot readings.’ cud you by any chance see if those who posted are true? Thanx much!!!

  20. Krystal Said:

    Is Rev. Severina real?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Krystal. Yes. I do not know the quality of her work however, nor do I know of anyone who has worked with her.

  21. toolie Said:

    Hello I am new to this forum and have been trying to find a tried and true spell caster for a while. LordGameOver I have ran across a spell caster named Ramon Bassimo. Do you know anything about him, because I was thinking about looking into his services?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Toolie, I have never heard of that caster. I am leary about spelll casters who make statements that they are the best.What I did find from a general search, is he is listed on a site that references the world best spell casters. The issue I have is several of the spell casters on that site are well known scammers.

  22. toolie Said:

    *sigh* sometimes I just feel like giving up on finding a spell caster. If I didn’t love this person I was with so much and wanted to be with them again so badly I probably would 😦

    • lordgameover Said:

      Toolie, I hope that you will find a caster that will get you the results you are seeking. Its tough out there and results are few and very far inbetween.

  23. toolie Said:

    Well after searching high and low I think I may have found 2 legit spellcasters. I’m not sure yet and I haven’t read anything bad about them, but later this week I am going to have a spell cast for me. I will keep you guys updated on whether or not it works. Please keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂 !

    • sebon820 Said:

      Toolie pass on the names I am in the same boat as you are so Heeelp 🙂

    • lordgameover Said:

      Toolie I do require proof that a spell caster is legit prior to sharing information on my blog. if you have questions.

  24. Riq Said:

    Do you think is legit?

    Their email is

  25. harris Said:

    dear lgo,
    hope all is well.. i wanted to ask you regarding …. this guy i have been looking at for sometime is he real or fake… your suggestions would be truely appreciated, specially if anyone has used him…. now he has alot of hand written testimonials as well……. also no fradulent report and he has been tere for 7 years plus.. curious… any help would be appreciated

    • lordgameover Said:

      Harris, he is in a scam ring with Re: Aisha Haadi – –’s all fake my friend.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Harris I will be in his Kofi neck of the woods at months end. I will email him and see if he will meet me in person. If he is real and I see his work and copies of the letters I will let you know. I did some additional investigation and I will take a closer look at this caster regardless of the information I found online.

  26. sebon820 Said:

    Has anyone used spellbinding sisters

    • lordgameover Said:

      Sebon820 I reviewed the site as well a the youTube video uploaded on March 12th. The site appears to be very new. I see no indication that would elude one to think that this is a legitimate business. I have not tested this caster and have no plans to do so. I did a general search and did not find any fraud reports on this site yet. This is often because they are new.

  27. harris Said:

    thanks lgo… yea i also saw the aisha haadi link but just curious cus something feels real about his…please do. thanks buddy

    • lordgameover Said:

      Harris, I will try my best. Hopefully he will respond to my request to meet.

  28. harris Said:

    btw lgo, have you met robin in person btw? you can email me on ofcourse or just answer on your own blog 🙂

  29. toolie Said:

    Lordgameover, I’m not saying they are 100% for real yet, i was just saying that I will be purchasing from them soon and that I have my fingers crossed that one (or both) will work. I’ll e-mail you the websites later today or tomorrow so you can check them out yourself. I just set up a paypal account the other day so I can purchase a spell from them through that, and will try to keep you updated on the situation. Sebon820 I won’t post the names yet until lordgameover says it’s okay, because I don’t want you or anyone else to start investing in them and get frustrated or disappointed.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Toolie, I just wanted you to know if you did get results I would like to discuss the caster with you prior to you posting information. Good luck with the work and remember to stay positive.

  30. James Said:

    Can you tell me if thus person is real or not

    • lordgameover Said:

      James, I have never heard of them. Not to mention her spelling is horrific but I will not hold that against her we all make typo’s. I like the fact that she like to work in person or by telephone with her client. I wonder what happens once she gets your money. Beverly Hills witches what a cheesy name for starters. I would not use this service for any of my needs. Not impressed at all.

      • James Said:

        Have talked with her for over an hour , there is no pressure coming from her to take her services and seems like a really nice lady , the only way she takes a payment is by her giving her personal bank account number , address and name to get a payment out to her , what are your thoughts on that?

      • lordgameover Said:

        James, I would not even consider giving a stranger my bank accout number. She needs to do better than that. Tell her to sign up for paypal. I don’t trust that at all.

  31. sheila Said:

    i am sheila

    with tow kids my husband left me for 3years without showing interest on my tow kids,i was stranded and frutrated ontill i met this spell caster which my friend introduced me to after 11days when i met this spell caster my husband bigine to seach for me and my 2 kids but thank God today i and my family are together today happy with my husband. i want you all to help me thank Dr OKAKA for the happy life he has brouth to me and my family .here is Dr OKAKA call him +XXXXXXX and your problem will be solve or email via:XXXXXXXXXX

    From Lord Game Over: This is the classic scam post. I am allowing this one because its a good example of how scammers work. So lets have some fun with this scammer.

    1. If you are going to scamm learn how to spell.
    2. Tow = two
    3. Frutrated = Frustrated
    4.ontill = until
    5.bigine= begin

    Do not try to advertise unless you can spell. You came across as a complete idiot! The spell casting business is slowing down in Nigeria for you to make a desperate attempt to post your scam here. I XXXXX out the casters telephone number and email address to protect my blog visitors.

  32. Nicole Said:

    Hi LGO….
    I noticed that you updated some info on Hector Houghan. Did you personally know these people who got movement and the ones who got full results? Were their work love spells? Can you please explain. I am considering using him. Thanks

    • lordgameover Said:

      Nicole, They were people just like you who came to me looking for assistance. I provide the list they pick a caster and I ask them to let me know if they got results. I do ask for some proof that I do not share. I of the pieces of proof I request is proof of payment, because that way I know that the caster just didn’t ask a friend to come to my blog…i trust no one! In addition I will ask for copies or emails. The can white out their real name and email address but thats it. So quite a lot of work does go into what I do. Most people do not want to share, they get results and move on.

  33. hello Said:

    Has anyone every dearl with Bishop Jakes

  34. hello Said:

    sorry for my spelling error….has anyone ever deal with Bishop Jakes?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Never Heard of Bishop Jakes…would that be the same as the guy on TV Bishop TD Jakes? Do you have a website for this new person on the scene?

      • anindita Said:

        Has anyone heard of Ruth Tomjones, spellcaster in Nigeria?

      • lordgameover Said:

        Anindita.I have not heard of the caster you referenced. With that said I have not heard of anyone who used a caster in nigeria who didnt get scammed. Be wise.

  35. anindita Said:


  36. Jennifer C. Said:

    Just started working with Chris, I will keep you updated!

    • lordgameover Said:

      Jennifer, Chris is a nice guy also. I like him as well. Please let us know if you get results.

      • Jennifer Said:

        I will let you know 🙂

      • lordgameover Said:

        Jennifer, please keep us posted on the work you are having done. Do not discuss the details of your work with anyone. I wish you luck and hope your spell work is successful.

      • Jennifer,

        Thank you for the mention here. When things begin to look up for you, we’ll resume work. 🙂

        As always, if you need to reach me, you’ve got my email.

        Take care,


      • lordgameover Said:

        Ah, the casters are making their way to the blog. Chris, I have a lot of respect for you. I liked your honesty when I contacted you. Wish my situation would have been something that would have allowed us to work together.

  37. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, I just went through He might be able to help me as a reading I feel is necessary just like a doc’s diagnosis before decidiAng on the medicines. I had contacted Sheloya and she replied today with a spellwork solution that reqires me to do certain things which I can’t do as I have multiple sclerosis with a mobility issue and other personal problems.
    So, I seek your sugestion on which spellcaster would be right for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Anindita, I do not recommend spell casters. The client is the one who is speaking with the caster about their situation. You have to be able to decide for yourself what caster your gut tells you is right for you. You already identified that you cannot do what Sheloya is requesting of you so that only leaves Ali. Both casters in my opinion is good at what they do and very detailed. Keep in mind I am not saying that either caster will get you results…that is a discussion for you and the caster.

  38. Lilly Said:

    Lord game over what about his name is Niete is he reall?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Lilly, he is on my list of real casters. Someone alearted me that someone else is using his name. If you see another link other than the one I posted then it’s not him. Just wanted people to be aware that the scammers are looking at my list and creating websites posing as the real casters.

  39. Hello Lordgameover,

    I have worked with Sorcerous Endeavors- Chris is pretty nice guy. I have worked with him for quite sometime. he maybe expensive but very understanding especially when you are in financial constraint. Considerable. Well so far i am in a better position in life after communicating with me. So i recommend real.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Chris is a very nice man and on my list of real casters.

    • Yurri Said:

      have you had any movement from his work? I am thinking about working with him but he is pricey.

      • Well, i recommend him for he helped me on my very down times of my life. He did some works for me and he is very detailed on what he do. Yes, is pricely but you can talk to him and make arrangement about the payment. lets say he can make a tab for you and you can pay it little by little every month. I think hes pretty considerate in that position for i never know anyone who does like that. Most casters, you have to pay first in FULL before they do the job.

    • LGO,

      Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the mention here. I’ve had a great many clients come forward after dealing with charlatans, unfortunately. In the future, I will recommend that they come here and comment so that we may weed them out.


      Thank you for the kind mention here, wiseandfooled. I am glad that I was able to assist you in your time of need. Should you require my assistance again, please be sure to contact me and we’ll see what can be done.

      Take care,


  40. unknown Said:

    I googled site and I discovered there are a bunch of clients complaining that they were scammed. Are you sure these sites are legit?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Robin is real. Its not uncommon for scammers to post about a real caster on my list. Its to make you doubt the list. I have personally tested Robiin, sister witches Netie and that lady isreal…can’t remember her name.

      • Yurri Said:

        im thinking about going with Niete did you get any movement from his work? he is very detailed and informative!

      • lordgameover Said:

        I use him for business and yes I see movement. I find myself answering the same questions over and over again. This is not about me. All I want to do is provide names of real casters. My private life is private and big part of my spell success is due to keeping my mouth shut about the work i’m having done. Just because a particular caster works for me or anyone else does not meant that same caster will be able to get you results. Pick a caster that feels righ for your situation, that is very important.

  41. Bdub Said:


    What have you heard about ninja cat? Success stories?

    • lordgameover Said:

      I heard she is straight forward. She does not take all cases. I have not had anyone report anything good or bad about her.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Bdub She is straight forward. I have not heard anything good or bad from anyone about her.

      • Jess Said:

        She’s very stright forward when i sent her an email today, but do you know of anyone or yourself that has had success?

  42. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, Among all the spellcasters in your list, who would you say is reasonably priced and does effective spellcasting? Cost is a major factor for me unfortunately 😦 In fact, my lack of money is also a problem that needs to be solved apart from many others.


  43. Energy Said:

    Hi LGO,
    I’d like to contact Hector, #11 on your list. The link you listed is the old website, correct? the new one is can you please check? I wanted to make sure it is the same Hector you recommend and not a fake. Thank you so much!

    • lordgameover Said:

      Energy..that is Hector. I didn’t realize he changed his site. I went under contact and verfied the email address. I know the scammers have been making sites pretending to be the real casters I am glad you checked.

  44. Yurri Said:

    what do you know about rev.claudia williams?

  45. ANINDITA Said:

    How long did it take for Chris to give you results?
    I am asking cause casters that I had wrked with earlier told me spells take time; finally, months went by and there were no results. so, i just wasted my money and lived in FALSE HOPE..
    i feel now maybe spellcasts don’t really work. not for me atleast.:(

    • i actually consulted my problem may9,2012 to be exact…i got the result last week, may29. i have been fooled one time with one spellcaster and i was drained out. It was a court case issue and he helped me. you also have to believe on what you want things to happen

      • anindita Said:

        so it took 20 days. but i do not understand about the believing part. i know I have a certain desire in my mind, which i want to attain with a spell. i consulted a witch, paid her and then the results shd happen, right? what more must i do?

  46. @Anindita: I dont really know… for some people it can even take 2 months to wait… it also depends on the ritual they make, never lose hope. I got crazy looking for answers to things i wish may happen. I do believe things are possible but you also have to believe in the caster who you hire. The thing is who to really trust. I leave message here as i am inspired by LGO. Dont know him personally but i felt strong and gave me a chance to work with real ones because someones there to back up not be treatend by this scammers. You are almost there i believe your real caster is just around the corner. i believe is true one… What is your comment about this site LGO?

    • anindita Said:

      I guess the caster has to be really skilled, u know expertise is very IMPORTANT. Some of the best and genuine casters have failed to solve issues cause of incompetence and weak spells. Anyways i have assigned my issues to someone who is supposed to be really good and genuine….hope she can do what others have failed to do:(

      • please update us too on the outcome. if she works well recomend to us too..

  47. anindita Said:


  48. anindita Said:

    @wiseandfooled seems alright; they have refund guarantee too…wonder why..BTW have U used them and benefited? R their spells strong enough and their Wanga dolls and Samadhi? Thanks.

    • i havent tried the wanga dolls and samadhi…. but u bought mystic star for me… i havent seen any movement. i dont know if it will work but well see in few months time.

      • meghna Said:

        @wiseandfooled and anindita: I have ordered the samadhi and a couple of other spells from and nothing worked 😦 dunno if they are a scam or not though or it just didn’t work for me.

        Answer: They are a scam

      • bittersweet Said:

        I tried calostogy too i orderd three spells and a samadhi no results

        Answer: Caslostogy is a big scam if you get results its not because of them.

  49. Said:

    lgo what happened to your link to jackie barrett did you find out shes not legit? im interested in using her and just wanted to verify? thanks

    • lordgameover Said:

      Ajg5 someone from here told her I spoke badly of her. Her assistant wrote me with threats…obviously the assistant was not able to read or she would have seen I had good things to say about Jackie. The assistant made a threat towards me something along the line that I would see what Jckies powers are. I though whatever and posted that Jackie should fire her ass. Jackie is a real caster, I stand by that.

      • yurri Said:

        What do you know about Rev Claudia Williams

      • Said:

        oh great thanks LGO im thinking of using her for some work and was a little worried when i saw her name gone. I have heard from some other forums that she was being really bad mouthed on a fourm that was dedicated to the amityville murders. I didnt really look to far into it but maybe thats why her assistant was overprotective. thanks!!

      • lordgameover Said:

        AJG, her assistant should have remained professional regardless. Jackie is very professional and it schocked me that she would have someone like that represent her work.

      • vyc Said:

        i can also say that jackie is real. i have used her several times for different things. it’s like you can instantly see the results but you have to act on them. she is good & reasonable… very good with emails & being helpful.

      • lordgameover Said:

        VYC I agree 100% that she is real. That was never a question.

    • anindita Said:

      I contacted Jackie 10 days ago for my issues, though I finally didn’t give her my case. But she is real prompt in replying and even agreed to instalment payments. for me. she seems ok……even LGO recommends her.

      • lordgameover Said:

        Anindita, I still stand firm that Jackie is a real caster. Although I did not get results from her work, she is a wonderful person to work with. Her assistant sending nasty messages to me because I tell the truth to others about my case however was unprofessional. The bottom line is no caster can get everyone results which does not mean they are not real, it just means I was not one of the lucky ones. Othera have reported that they saw movement on the spell work she did for them.

      • anindita Said:

        all very chancey with spellcasters…may or may not get results….awful situation for sure…..i am not going to waste my money any more. even the genuine casters are ineffective.:( pathetic!!

      • lordgameover Said:

        Anindita, Not pathetic at all. Sometimes we don’t see the realiaty of our situation even if a good reading says it is not possiable, people still try. This is about choice. I didn’t get results in my love situation and I am not here saying anything is pathetic and I would be willing to bet that I spent more money than anyone on any blog or forum. The problem is I was wasting my money and time with scammers. By the time i realized that no work was being done my situation was out of control. I chose to let the situation go because it was draining me mentally.

  50. anindita Said:


    Hi! Folks in various sites are saying calastrology spells are ineffective but they are not a scam as they refund ur money in a year if u do not get results. so, there we are…

    • @Anindita: Calastrology worked for me… I tried Obeah and it was great… it took 3 weeks before i got results… i just dont know if charms do really work though but giving the chance maybe it will soon…

      • anindita Said:


        I have a major health issue that I want to get cured of. will Obeah help me or would U suggest something else?


      • anindita Said:

        The trouble with Calastrology is there is no one to consult. they have an impressive list of spells, amulets, but which one to choose?

  51. Anindita Said:

    Hi! This is really great that Calastrology worked:) Maybe my quest will end here too:) Thanks a lot for the info.

  52. anindita Said:

    Hope I am not being too curious, but did U consult Chris for a different issue? I am asking coz I want a one-stop-shop for all my impossible issues. I am tired of wandering and trying out different spellcasters. actually, if my life had not gone so wrong and dreadful i would not be seeking out spellcasters at all.
    But finding the right and ethical caster is a very tough job.

    • @Anindita: Yes i did… at the same time in anyway thats how desperate i was to find the real one i can trust in my most down moment of my life. And you are indeed correct. especially nowadays, life is very hard. more people gets hungry, more people becomes greedy and more people chose to do bad than good. So more imposters pop up to survive and were simply one of thousand victims that are hoping for miracle. So i admire LGO for he make me strong in a way. it was more easier to find real casters for he recommend them and with that i am learng alot. Note that i didnt knew that there are true casters online so it was a great opportunity for me that i was just fooled twice…it feels good to be able to help out reveal true casters and just like buying a lotion or perfume…anything that can work on me can work to other ones but at least we share info…

  53. anindita Said:

    yes LGO is doing a great job.

    • i am online now and surfing… i found this site… and since then i have been curious about it but didnt get the chance to try… LGO, any idea about this site? what can you say…

  54. anindita Said:

    chap seems to have indian roots…

    • I dont know if obeah is the right one for your situation… but that is the one that have helped me. I have health issues too but i guess sacrificed for more people that will benefit. But i will see… i took mystic star for luck but haven’t seen any improvement yet, obeah was a miracle for me… i also tried burtons spell… the burton spell i say still waiting for answers… try to consult the maybe they can help you. I havent tried but consulted with them. i like them coz they are frank in telling you if they can help or not and not pricy…

      • anindita Said:

        I had contacted sisterwitch 15 days ago, but they dont service clients from India…wonder why! yah, their spells are reasonable..hope they cast strong spells as well. ok, if not Obeah then something else might work…btw did u ever ask for and get a refund from Calastrology? if their spells are really fast and effective as they say, plus with their refund policy, they would be the only ones left in business! no one would go elsewhere. And fair enough, no one should be allowed to cheat people who are in pain and distress like the
        scammers do!!

      • I have never tried to make refund. i just proved that obeah worked on me. i am still waiting till two months for progress… will also post if theres improvement or not.

  55. harris Said:

    hope all is well. Another interesting thing i have been noticing have been how some casters really are against the ones that claim or have something like , “make me tall, , “lose weight”, “body make over” spells. Some say, that beware of them and there is no such physical change that can happen in magick. Whats your take on that. do you think this is even possible? i even read grow your hair…… spells… etc…

    • Mia Said:

      i been found out at Robin spell. Do u think it will not be help?

  56. anindita Said:

    @ wiseandfooled

    U had said Obeah wrked for U in 2-3 weeks. So what result U r waiting for now? a different spell from calastrology or elsewhere? of course, U do not have to tell me.

    • tried obeah at first time. was happy about the result yes, and now everytime they have this promo they send me emails every now and then. Spells can be addictive too especially when you see results. i tried burton last week ago for something else to work on. no movement at the moment so i am waiting. will let you know

  57. anindita Said:


    Yes, spells could be addictive esp if u see results, but I have not seen any results. However, my situation is so desperate that I feel that maybe the next one will be ok…or the next… and so on. i have tried doctors too similarly…but all a waste. i ordered the Gris Gris spell of calastrology yesterday.. if i don’t see results from this i will give up my quest. i have wasted too much money already and got no results:( i have not been scammed coz the spellcasters i wrkd with were real and honest luckily (three of them are in LGO’s list and u told me good things bout calastrology) but lacked expertise maybe or cast weak spells….best is to learn it urself.LOL

    • thats what other people say… and i do agree on that too but the place i am now dont have enough materials to use here. i wish i can help you too… any way we could talk privately?

  58. anindita Said:

    what’s ur email id?

  59. harris Said:

    also remember the sunshine lady, did she ever get back to you with reporting full or partial results

    • lordgameover Said:

      Harris, Never heard back from her which is not uncommon. People just move on when they get results. They rarely come back to share with anyone.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Harris, I don’t know what happened to her. Most people when they get results they just move on. Rarely do they return to tell others they got results.

  60. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, what is your opinion on Professor Waligo and

  61. anindita Said:

    i am getting the feeling they (spellcasters) are all ineffective. all very chancey..may work, may not work.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Anindita, That is the exact type of feeling that leads to spell failure. Nothing in life is for certain. Let me give you an example of how negative energy can impact your life even if a spell caster is not involved. Lets say every day you go to work you wonder if you are going to get fired. You have those thoughts months on end, what you are doing is attracting that event into your life and eventually you will get fired. The power of the mind is clearly misunderstood. Positive thoughts while very difficult is important when having spell work done. No spell cam make someone love you if they don’t. Spells are designed to rekindle the love tow people have for each other. So one must always start at, does the other person have any feelings of love toward me? So take some time to learn how spells work. When engaging in spell work it is taking a chance that you will get what you want in the end.

  62. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, Do wanga dolls really work? What do you think from your experience? Thanks.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Anindita, I bough one once and I did a lot of things to it and nothing happened. With that said, just because it didn’t work for me does not mean it will not work for you. What I have learned over the years is an individuals mindset and energy has a great deal to do with getting the results you are seeking. This does not apply to anyone working with fake spell casters, nothing will result from that. So if you buy a doll, follow the instructions and make sure your mind and energy is in the right place. If if works, be sure to come back and share your success.

  63. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO,

    French is this site a scam?

    • lordgameover Said:

      That is an email address. I have no way of knowing if they are from an email address unless it has been reported by someone. I must share with you that I visited New Orleans and went to several vodoo shops in the french quarters, most of them were for the tourist.

  64. nileen Said:

    is gary williams a genuine spell caster?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Nileen, I cannot recall all the names of real casters I have listed. I must ask you to look at my list. If the individual is not on the list, that means I have never heard of them, which could mean several things

      1. New scammer
      2. No one has reported him yet
      3. Maybe he is real

      • Nileen Said:

        His web address is and in his homepage it states he is in the business for the last 30 years and he’s also know as psychic g or psychic says he has written many articles and appeared in numerouse tv n radio shows,he’s also an award winning broadcaster and has written three books on the subject.It also says gary is the chosen psychic of top psychics n clairvoyants…now u must surely heard of this i guess if he is so famouse n moreover he responds promptly to ur mail n if u ask for clarifications like will he return the money if the spell dont work than he’s not at all friendly,he asks to moneygram,ups,fedex,western union or money order as his mode of payment.he lists two phone numbers for consultation-us:(760) 548-0114,Uk:(0203) 371-1956.i guess this will help u answer if he’s genuine

    • lordgameover Said:

      Nileen, I am going to post the link here so others may assist. I do not know who he is and have never heard of him.

      • Nileen Said:

        Is there a way to know if he’s genuine?

  65. ali Said:

    Hi, everyone im thinking of going with a spell from izabael they are pretty reasonably priced. Just curious if there is anyone whos used her and seen resutls movement or nothing? i cant find anyone who has used her.

  66. koby Said:

    Hi everybody I had some spells works done bye SorcerousEndeavors in particular love spell and I can tell you that my situations was very complicate, the result that I had has been better than what I was expecting!, I’m really happy about his job

  67. koby Said:

    I had some spells work done by SorcerousEndeavors
    and I’m really happy about the result.

  68. anindita Said:

    Gary sounds like a self-promoting scammer. U wud be safer if you choose a spellacster from LGO’s list.

  69. anindita Said:

    Hi Folks! Beware of below scammer of a spellcaster:

    I was her victm last month.:(

    • lordgameover Said:

      Anindita, Anindita, the casters on my list will not tell you that you will get results in 2 weeks or even tell you results are 100% guaranteed. The scammers use that tactic to give you false hope and will continue to ask for more money each time telling you the next spell will yeild results. Sometimes we shun away from real casters because they do not tell us what we want to hear, instead they tell us what they see and often times its not what we expected to hear.Be wise and listen carefully and decide if what you are after is truly worth fighting for. Thousands of dollars later and today I would not even wipe my rear with what I spent so much money on trying to get back…get the point.

      • anindita Said:

        Hi LGO, I learnt a lesson the hard way. The worst part is there is no place on the net where you can file a complaint and get such fraudsters arrested 😦 BTW, I hope you stay on on your blog. U liven it up:)

      • lordgameover Said:

        Anindita, the key to stopping this is for us all to take part in educating each other about these scammers. We have to support each other when we get discouraged and not mock oneanother when we fall victim to the scammers. I applaud you for coming forward and telling others who scammed you. You are right we have no venue to report these theives so we will put their contact information here so it can feed to the web so others will find them in a search.

  70. anindita Said:


    • Nileen Said:

      Thnx anindita fortunately not a victim yet thnx to LGO’s page

      • lordgameover Said:

        Nileen, proceed with caution and you will never become a victim. Make wise choices in you search.

      • Nileen Said:

        Thanx a ton LGO

  71. anindita Said:

    Yes, be very careful. LGO’s list seems reliable…atleast the casters are genuine…they will do the wrk for which u pay, however, the outcome may vary from person to person..that is what I have learnt since feb 2012 when I got the idea that a spellcaster might be able to solve my probs.

    • Nileen Said:

      Yup that’s the issue but if u get a sure shot person who can at least assure 70% success than the rest is up to me,kindly keep me posted.many thnx

    • lordgameover Said:

      Anindita, You are correct. Just because a caster gets one person results does not mean that same caster will be able to do the same for you. I encourage each person to find a caster that makes you feel confident in the work being done. You will know in your gut when you have found the right one. Do not let your emotions decide for you. Although all the casters on my list are real, you still must select the one that is right for you and your situation.

  72. anindita Said:

    Hi Folks, Has anyone got quick results from Izabael Dajinn?

  73. JB Said:

    Koby how complicated was your situation can you email me LGO you are doing fantastic my friend

    • lordgameover Said:

      JB, thank you. I have been telling everyone I am slowly pulling away from this. In August I will most likely stop. I hope that I have provided enough information to help people make wise choices. It just kills me to see so many people going through what I went through. I can only hope that you all will continue to support and help others avoid the fate we have all fallen victim to.

  74. Energy Said:

    I’m using Neite right now. Just curious how is your communication with him? Does he return calls or text? I find him very short with me and i’m worry since i see no result yet. i asked him a question and he said Okay. you asked again, he said Okay Okay ?? He seems always busy doing something else while on the phone and never get a call back. Do you think it is because I make payments and not pay in full? or he just got too busy like Robin? I never use Robin, but I’m thinking to use another caster. do you think it is a good idea? I want to believe Neite can help, I truly do. Just feeling that we are not connecting well.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Energy, I receive the same reply. If I text him he says Ok. If I call him, he calls me back when he has time. This is how he works, you tell him the problem, he says ok and that night he will push something to take care of what you reported. It took me 6 months to get use to how he is. Once I understood that I have had no problem, I call him or text him once per week just to give him an update letting him know all is good. If a problem arises I usually call. Keep in mind spells take time to work especially when it is love related. Patience is required an no one can say 100% you will get what you are seeking. Not every spell I have had returned results but I am pleased with the results I did get.

      • Energy Said:

        Hi LGO,
        Thanks for sharing your experience. That actually made me feel better. I will be patient. Wanna to know is it common to work with two casters so you will get result? I’m just using one right now and If I don’t see result, when do you think its time to try another caster?

      • lordgameover Said:

        Energy, In my opinion you should pick a caster and work with that caster. People jump from one caster to another which is a clear sign of lack of faith and patience. With that said, how many people have you head report that moving from one caster to another got the results. If an individual is with a good caster and that caster was not able to get them results what are the chances that another caster will. I do not include wiccans and those types of casters in my comment. I only will work with casters that will carefully monitor the work being done and who will make adjustments along the way as things shift in the process.

        So now I have shared my opinion, I would thing that if you see no movement at all after 6months speak to the caster you are working with to find out why nothing at all is happening before you move on to someone else.

  75. Maggie Said:

    Hi LGO,
    i have been trying to contact robin ( to no avail. its been two weeks and no word from her yet. i even sent her a message on ebay and nothing. i have been reading that topic forum and came across you and Karyn. i appreciate all the work you guys have put to stop these scammers. i really need a love spell and have been looking for one for a long time. i would appreciate if you can email me a list of spell casters that are known to do a great love spell. however i am on the budget side and can’t splurge either. all of your input is greatly appreciated.

    • lordgameover Said:


      I think Robin just got overwhelmed. This is what happens when casters take on more work than they can handle. Although she is real, I would tell people to stop using her because whats the point of paying money for spell when the caster cannot keep up with the business. If you paid her request your money back through paypal.

      • Maggie Said:

        its unfortunate, i really would have loved working with her. its so hard to find a true caster. I’m still checking out several from your list. any advice from one you know is good for a love spell?

      • lordgameover Said:

        Maggie, For a love spell, I would seek advice about the situation from one of the casters below. Be prepared to hear the truth of your situation

        Angel Rose
        Conjureman Ali

    • lordgameover Said:

      Maggie, At this point I think Robin would be a waste of time and money. It would appear that she has bitten off more than she can chew. She needs to catch up with her existing clients before she considers taking on new clients. If you go down this path knowing that she is overwhelmed then do not expect communication from her and at this time people are reporting she is not getting results either.

  76. Maggie Said:

    i see you have in your trusted list. any updates about her work? i can’t find anything on her Izabael. i would use msangelrose but she’s quite pricey.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Maggie, if I had a choice to make between Izabael DaJinn and Angel Rose, I would go with Angel Rose…why you ask? the answer is simple, she is more detailed in her workings. Keep in mind this is not a recommendation, I would like for people to know the difference between casters and how they do things.I am also not saying that Izabael DaJinn cannot get you the same results either, you have to take time to look at your situation and if its a difficult case a 10 dollar spell most likely will not solve your issue. You will get waht you paid for if you do not spend time to select the righ caster for the degree of the problem you want solved.

  77. Josh Said:

    Hello lord game over. Thanks 4 what u are doing to help others 4rm falling into the hands of charlatants and becoming victims of fraudsters who parade themselves as spellcasters..please i would want u to check on Dr saulat khan a spellcaster 4rm india.the website is The email address is, Pls i want to know if he is a real spell caster. Also i would also like to know if its better casting ur own spells by reading books on whitemagic,blackmagic.selfhelp bøoks etc i saw a website that offers a very good rare collection of powerpack+ interesting books @ Pls id like to know if using such magic books as a beginner can fuck someone up or a bite u in the ass effect?thanks.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Josh, It’s always best to cast your own spells. However it depends on the situation. A good caster works on situations in layers. Why I mean by that is, sometimes several things need to be fixed prior to casting the spell for what you really want, often this is the situation whan working with love spells. To answer the question if you could really mess things up..yes you can. Anything you do in life without knowledge you run the risk of mistakes. I think anyone can learn magick if they take the time to learn, you cannot and should not rush it. As for Dr. Saulat, he is 100% a scam.

  78. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, Hope you are doing good. What do you think of Mia? URL:

    I did not have much success with your list, so I am still trawling the web for that particular caster who can really help me.

    Hope you can tell me something about Mia.

    • lordgameover Said:


      I have had complaints about MIA. I cannot go into details as the client that reported what happened is fearful if I post information that MIA will know it was her. I have never trusted that particular caster.

  79. izzy Said:

    I contacted cat and told her my situation, she got back to me and was quite rude as instead of deleting the message i sent her the next day i resent it by mistake, she told me i was an impatient person and we wouldnty get on and refused to help me. I mailed back and explained that it was mistake and i was sorry it was a simple error, i dont know if she will get back to me or not. I hope so as i explained i am not impatient and have been working with robin who takes up to a couple weeks to reply. Was really looking forward to her help aswell.
    Oh and robin has a new email address and has closed her ebay business for a while due to being busy

    • lordgameover Said:

      Izzy, unfortunately all the casters on my list have been receiving good clients along with the clients that are rude and impatient. With that said, some of the impatient clients have been downright nasty to the casters on my list. I have begged several casters to allow me to keep their names on the list so people will have options. They are for the most part on edge. The more seasoned casters have zero tolerance. Cat reminds me of Conjureman Ali, she is very direct and straight to the point. Neither one will ever leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but it’s casters like that who take their work seriously and for them its all about getting the job done. Some people expect casters to be their friend. I truly hope that Cat will reevaluate what happened and responds to you. We all pay for the mistakes of others when dealing with casters.

  80. anindita Said:

    Also, what do you think of the below spellcasters:

    Meena Kapoor—-
    Prince Wakho—
    Dr Sultan—

    All scammers?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Anindita, I personally would not use any of the sites listed. But at the same time I have not had any experience with any of them so this is just my opinion. See what I think of each caster below: : Meena Kapoor has been around for a while. I have found post about her as far back as 2010. I was not able to find anything negative about her from my search. She has a FB, twitter and you can also find her on yelp. It would appear that she is located in San Antonio Texas also. She does not deal with any form of Magick referenced on most of the sites. She does not make any claim that you will get results. I do not get the feeling that this individual is fake, but without testing her I would not be able to say anything about her or her work. The first think that came to mind when I saw this guys name was, what is he a prince of…theives maybe? I am completely put off by this caster for a single fact…Location, location, location. In 4 years, I have not once come across any caster from Africa that was real. I would not waste time looking further at this caster.

      Dr Sultan Just another scammer in Africa in my opinion. I do not waste time any longer trying to validate any casters located in Africa. If you do not live in Afriica where you can see the caster in person, then I do to recommend that anyone use casters in Africa.

      • anindita Said:

        Thanks a lot, LGO. U spared me a lot in terms of wasting good money and living on false hope. BTW, some of the casters on your list never replied to me, even repeat emails. And the ones that did, felt their spellcast would not help me. so… i am ‘casterless’ now. LOL. perhaps this is the lesson I had to learn. To seek and find strength within. Destiny perhaps cant be changed. Blah, blah….

  81. MagicLibra Said:

    Hi lordgameover,
    I am new to the “spell world”, but well, I do have an open mind. To me, it’s more or less like an experiment and see whether or how the spiritual world works.

    I would like to ask that when I contact the “spell caster”, should I give detailed information about myself and the person I am attracted to? You know these days it’s hard to keep anything private, due to the internet, I do not want to expose other people and myself’s lives. But, without such information, how would the spell casters do their job? I think this confuse me most.

    And, without actually knowing the client(s), only by emails, how would the spell casters be sure that they worked on the right person?

    All these puzzled me. Not that I don’t want to believe, but I these are reasonable doubts that probably everyone has, right?

    I feel that you are a very knowledgeable person and had so much experience on this subject, if you’d spare some time to respond to my questions, I would really appreciate it!


    • lordgameover Said:

      MagicLibra, I would like to start by saying that you are entering into something that requires a lot of patience and faith. If I had it to do all over again, I would not select this path, because in the end I did not get what I set out for and I later realize that I didn’t really want it because I ended up with someone much better than what I had. A good caster will start with evaluation the situation. This is normally done with a reading….which you will have to pay for in most cases if not all. Casters charge for readings to keep people from wasting their time.

      You must almost always provide the full name and date of birth of the target. If the caster is a good reader, the spirits will show the caster what is going on and hopefully a resolution to the problem. Keep in mind energy changes, so the situation can change for good or bad in the process. Keep in mind, not a single caster can tell you that they are 100% certain you will get results. If a caster tells you that, then its a lie. Every caster has had failure.

      • MagicLibra Said:

        The interesting thing is that I really want to believe, although I always try to explain everything in logical and reasonable (say scientific) way. 🙂

        My other question is that have you, LOG, tried to cast any spell by yourself? have you had any experience in practice New avatar power or any other occult rituals etc? I often read that some witches emphasize that it’s best to cast your own spell to get the best result. Then some other ones would suggest to go for professional consultation. Both make some sense I guess, but for someone still out of the door of the spiritual world, just make us more confused.

        I really appreciate that you respond to my questions so quick.

      • lordgameover Said:


        I have done some spells myself for minor things that bothered me and they worked. I tried to do my own love spell once, and you all will get a laugh out of what happened. I cast my circle said what I had to say then all off a sudden I heard things being thrown about on my patio. It was not windy at all. I have never been so afraid of anything in my life. Do not mess with things you know nothing about. Also I do know a little bit about New Avatar power. I purchased a book on it but never could find the time to do the spells for the duration required.

        If you are just starting out with magick, keep it very simple as for spells so you can get a feel for it. A lot of patience and faith is required. A lady told me once, its what you cannot see with your human eyes is what brings the results. Things may look bad but in the spiritual realm, things are just being put in place to get you waht you asked for. I hope that makes sense.

  82. MagicLibra Said:

    Hi again lordgameover,

    I just checked Sister witches’ website, they don’t even have an address or phone# for contact. Doesn’t that seem fishy???


    • lordgameover Said:

      MagicLibra, Not at all. Most of the casters do not have phone numbers listed. If they did, think of how many people would waste their time calling? What is the point of an address? You have the option of asking the caster if the see clients in person, if they say no then you have to make the choice to use that caster or not. I personally received results from the spell they cast, however the results did not last.

      • MagicLibra Said:

        So may I ask how long did the results last? what caused it fall apart? Was it because you lost interest in the specific person, or you found someone new?
        hope my question was not intrusive. I just want to know, actually understand the basics of magic… Still feel should try out though, without experience it personally, no one can say for sure, right?

        Thanks again.

  83. Loretta Said:

    LGO, thank you for having this blog, I have been following it since January. I used Robin first and I felt nothing from her spell done in January, then I used sieterwitch and Yaya Maria in March. Yaya takes time and her work was completed last month.
    Today I got what I wanted. I came home and the papers were in my mailbox, my first thought, “I have to thank Yaya Maria and Lord Game Over”
    I wish you many years of happiness for everything you do to help people, I am sure God sees your good deeds and will give it back you with health, happiness and prosperity.
    I was losing my home and had been dealing with the bank to get a loan modification for the last 2 years. I had been turned down in multiple occasions and this was my last hope, if I could not get the modification this time I would be homeless with nowhere to go.
    Sisterwitch did a cleansing spell and Yaya Maria worked directly on my situation to save my home, I think it was Yaya’s spell the one that worked, she sent me something to bury at the entrance of my house and a powder to spread inside the home, her spirits told me that I was not going anywhere, the home was mine and i was not going to loose it.
    I also felt empowered after the spell with sisterwitch, so I have to give them credit too.

    Today I came home and the papers from the bank were waiting for me, it is a done deal, all i need to do is sign and send them back, for the first time I am going to sleep happy knowing my home is safe.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love and Happiness

    • lordgameover Said:

      Loretta, Thank you for sharing this here. I also appreciate the details you provided. This will encourage others here. Wishing you many more happy years in your home. Everyone her, this is a good example of patience and the ability to follow direction from the caster and it appears to me a lot of faith was involved in this spell working. Spells take time. Sometimes it will happen fast but not for everyone.

  84. Alicia Said:

    I need help but am really short on funds, I some communication with ninjacat, but I mistakenly offended her and I am not certain she will still assist me. I am willing to pay up to 800 dollars to someone who is great, and I got that feeling from her, really in a bad place now that I think she won’t help me. Which leads me to my question have you heard anything about this individual? : her name is Alexandra.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Alycia, stay away from They are a scam. I cannot control what casters charge clients. I have a saying…you get waht you pay for, the down side to that is you can pay thousands to the best caster and still end up with nothing. Magick is a not 100% certain.

      • Alexa Said:

        i ordered a spell from this site. at first i thought it was worth a try because it was cheap and alexandras communication was great. 2 weeks and a half later i finally got an e-mail from her saying that someone who knew about the spell we casted has inter eredt he spell and cancelled it.she told me it was ok because she will be doing a recast but also she needs me to pay for 250USD because she has to cast a reverse spell… thats why i started browsing the net about scams and i found this site.. how i wish she was not a fraud… i trully believe in magick.. but i guess magick isn’t the right choice for making something wrong right..

        ANSWER: I see she it trying to get clever with her marketing. Did you reply and tell her the spirits should have also shown her that you are not an idiot? Magick can work for things that are meant to be. We all know deep down inside what the answer is but we often neglect is due to our emotions.

  85. izzy Said:

    i live in england and would love it if u could find a spell caster for me in oxfordshire. I do look but all sites i fnd go back to usa.

    • lordgameover Said:

      iZZY, Your request is very difficult, I do not narrow my search to a particular country. I would not know where to look in england for a caster. In addition as of August 1st I will not be providing my assistance as often. I really want spell seekers to learn what to look for when looking for a caster. I think what I have tried to do has helped many, but it is very time consuming. As I come across real casters I add them to my list.

  86. CB Said:

    Ey, could you please check on

    • lordgameover Said:

      CB, I have a bad feeling about that site. I have never hear of them nor do i Know of anyone who have used them. I would not use them for no other reason other than it just seemed the information on the site didn’t make sense.

  87. Ly Said:

    I’m working with abigail from I haven’t gotten any results from her and she is scamming me. She continued to ask me for money promising she would give part of the money back. She is now avoiding my phone calls and not returning any calls. LGO have you heard of her?

    • lordgameover Said:

      LY, yes and I do not like to make comments about casters when someone is already working with them. However in this case you should consider finding another caster.

  88. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, Any info about this link:

    • Cookie14 Said:

      Alizon is a scam. I wasted some money on her.

  89. rich Said:

    Hi LGO,

    I need advice on who to use between Jackie Barrett, Hector, or Izabeal.

    ANSWER: I would go with Hector

  90. Jess Said:

    have you worked with Izabael DaJinn

    Answer: I have not worked with her

  91. radiquin Said:

    LGO, I was wondering what your stance is on robin the witch , after all what has happened with a client of hers called Maya, as she has now posted on rip off report and on the topix forum that you used to post on .

    ANSWER: When I used Robin she was not as busy. Now all I get are complaints about her.

  92. Ly Said:

    Have you heard any good things about do her spells really work?

    Answer: Yes her spells have worked for some.

  93. anindita Said:

    Hi All! I would recommend Izabael Dajinn highly. She is very sweet, communicative and cares to explain things in detail even before you have given your case to her. I had just emailed her with my problems and she spent time to explain a lot. Really a lot. I was impressed with her kindness and sincerity!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t assign my case to her due to some constraints in my secific problems.:(

    • how can we reach Izabael???

      • anindita Said:

        Izabael Dajinn no complaints about her. She came from a recommendation from the Evocation website.

        I copy pasted this from the top of this page.

  94. anindita Said:

    @wiseandfooled Do let us know your experience with Izabael Dajinn. Did U try Calastrology any more?

  95. Curiouscat Said:

    Has anyone tried Neite? Us he legit and did he delive results? I need help with court case regarding custody, nd love spell tget ex back. Please anyone, respond

  96. Lisandra Said:

    that angel rose lady is extremely rude. i explained my case to her and was very rude with her reply pretty much saying my case had no solution. she obviously misunderstood something i said and even when i corrected her she still said she was right. i emailed 2 other casters from this list and they were very nice and gave me options to what we can work with. angel rose offered me a reading to see “if” my case had a solution but that is BS because i KNOW my case can be worked with. so yeah, i don’t recommend her. so rude. i’m currently deciding between izabael and chris. i’ll keep you updated.

    ANSWER: Yes she can be rude. Give it some thought however…when paying a caster to do work are you paying for personality or you paying for results. A lot of thes casters are rude because they are dealing with people who have been scammed that take it out on them. So while I have encountered the same rudeness from Angel Rose, she is good at what she does and detailed in her work. In the end always select a caster that you can click with because that is equally important.

    • bittersweet Said:

      have you ever tried alizones phychic secrets im currently dealing with her know waiting on results i will post if there is any movement

      Answer: No I have never heard of them. I am no longer researching casters so I will come on here approve comments and let others respond if I do not know of the caster. New ones pop up daily…keep that in mind. It’s all just the old scammers with new names.

  97. meghna Said:

    There is a blog post on here that says that one shouldn’t trust spell casters we get on a blog or a forum as they are all fake. In that sense, is Izabel a fake since she did come from the evocation website? I am guessing that is…………
    please help me out. also if anyone has tried her and gotten results please tell me. thanks everyone.

    ANSWER: The spell casters listed on my site as real spell casters are casters that will do the work you paid for. However if you use a caster from the list and you have issues then please share. Even real casters go bad sometimes.

    • curious Said:

      I will def be coming back. I ordered to get a reading done by ms angel rose about a month ago n I don’t have get it next week. She is really backed up!!!!

    • bittersweet Said:

      What blog is that where she says dont trust spellcasters are you saying alizone is a scam

  98. curious Said:

    Please add to the list of scams. The woman just stopped contacting me when I told her that her spell wasn’t working. And I don’t think I have a complex situation at all.

    ANSWER: I will add her. That is waht scammers do..they stop responding when you see through the crap.

  99. bittersweet Said:

    i tried calostrology had no results i purchased the samadhi and severeral spells the beginning of this month and had no results

    ANSWER: They are a scam website

  100. James Said:

    Are their any real spellcaster that cast true spells?

    Is Izabael a real caster 🙂

    ANSWER: Yes. Please visit the section on this blog for a list of casters who will do the work you paid for.

  101. Ly Said:

    Do you know of anyone that has success work done by Conjureman Ali?

    ANSWER: Yes! I also know of people who did not get results.

  102. cb Said:

    how about

    ANSWER: Never heard of them but the name alone tells me they are a scam.

  103. Renee' Said:

    LGO,Have you tried Ashra? Is she a scam? Her site seemed impressive ,but the problem is she didnt deliver the goods. I see alot of bad press about her and she will try to sell you spell after spell and no results. I am working with sisterwitch and robin. I wont give details but things are slowing turning around I think. I will report with results.

    ANSWER: Ashra is the biggest scam and the biggest liar you will ever come across besides the spell casters from Africa. Please stay away from Ashra!

    • Renee' Said:

      Thank you LGO! Hope you are well!

  104. fleur71 Said:

    Hello Lordgameover. I’m new to this blog. I’m wondering whether you know anything about these two spell casters? The first one is High Priestess Alexandra from The second one is the Boswell family from Thankyou for your help.

    ANSWER: is a confirmed scam web site. Boswell family is new but I looked at the website and I looks like just another scam website to me. I would not consider using them.

    • fleur71 Said:

      I just saw your reply to Alycia…I’m sad to say that I have spent hundreds of dollars for spells from Alexandra… feel so ripped off 😦 I will wait to hear back from you regarding Thankyou…

      ANSWER: the website is new. red flag…100% gurantee yea right. Someone on her site said they became a millioare after two week…yea right again. We have to use logic when selecting a caster and not emotions. The websites of the casters are designed to work on your emotions and not you logic! Keep that in mind each time you go to a website and you will see what i’m talking about.

  105. Magdalena Said:

    2 months went buy, no results with Dr. Kimambo yet, but a lot of bad luck. Will update if something changes. I am exhausted… I have used lots of witches and conjurers and god knows what else, the first one was exactly 5 months ago and NOTHING. Btw, when I search for his link it gives me a message that it’s a dangerous site, Trojan horses etc.

    ANSWER: Dr. Kimabo is an interesting caster. I personally would not have selected him although he is real. As for the website for Nettie I don’t know why it is coming up with a virus…very odd.

    • Magdalena Said:

      I also wanted to mention that my feeling is that Brother Ash is quite real too. I only ordered a $5 offertory candle, and he sent me a photo, and then another one when the work was completed, with a short report. It was a couple of weeks ago, so I don’t know about his powers but he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. His website is, have you heard of him?

      Answer: I have never hear of him nor have I had any complaints about him. Let the forum know if you see any results.

      • Magdalena Said:

        If I see any results, I wouldn’t know who of the 10 (?) spellcasters has brought them… 🙂

  106. Alexa Said:

    Hi LGO.. have you heard barbara smith of Is she real or just a scam? ….

    Answer:Alexia, if I recall correctly that website is a scam. I have never heard of Barbara, but I have had reports on the website.

  107. bittersweet Said:

    why dont you try sister angel rose or robin from life spirit of society i know they are good

  108. anindita Said:

    Hi LGO, Hope U R doing good. Any inputs on: Is it a fake?
    Also, is there any genuine site where one can learn effective spellcasting?

    Answer: Lots of websites available with do it yourself spells. You will not know if they are effective unless you try. Spells work for some and not others. It has a lot do do with faith in the work being done….you have to know that what you asked for you will get. Doubt has no place when working with magick.

    • bittersweet Said:

      everyone that i post someone says they are a scam like alizone i dont think that she is a scam

      • anindita Said:

        @bittersweet…What spell work did Alizon do for you?

      • bittersweet Said:

        a money spell

      • anindita Said:

        Did it work fast?

      • bittersweet Said:

        Just had it done no reyults yet but i strongly feel that its going to work out in my favor

      • Jennifer Said:

        Hi LGO,
        I see Spell Binding Sisters is new on your list. Do you know if they def got results for anyone? So far I havent had any luck with anyone. Robin got paid by me, but I never heard from her again and that was months ago. I still feel a white light around Robin, just she’s overwhelmed. Any more info on the spell binding sisters and how they ended up on the list would be great. I need results and quick!!

        Answer: everyone that has used them said wonderful things about them. No one has reported getting results but that is not uncommon.

      • anindita Said:

        Hi LGO, What do you think of the below: Is it a fake casterr?

  109. Haloi Parnas Said:

    Hello, does anyone know magickal-annika? she has all positive feedback on ebay and offers reasonable prices.

    • Magdalena Said:

      This one has actually been recommended to me by a customer of Heather (hcbill), when I just randomly sent a couple of messages. Also, when I asked some of Annika’s customers, they confirmed that her spell worked for them. I’ve used her, nothing yet.

      • Haloi Parnas Said:

        So, any results from annika’s work?

      • Magdalena Said:


  110. dii07 Said:

    Lgo.. do you have personal experiences with spell binding sisters?

  111. bittersweet Said:

    lgo do you think that alizone phychic secrets is a scam

  112. curious Said:


    • Magdalena Said:

      The last time I heard from them was to tell me that my spell would be cast that night, never got a confirmation after that, Idk if my spell was cast or not.
      Btw, Caps Loc is quite annoying, looks like you’re shouting. :-/

      • Anindita Said:

        Hi! I have assigned a spellcast to them. Let us see how it goes. Do share your experience with the spellbinding sisters.

  113. Magdalena Said:

    Anyone heard of those?

  114. bittersweet Said:

    What about dr.kioni he is world wide have anyone every used him he seems to be the real deal he even do payment arangements

  115. bittersweet Said:

    LGO what do you think of. Magic spells of stonehenge do you think they are real or just scammers pretty interesting site

    • curious Said:

      Just had an incredible readibg with Sister Angel Rose and she was very very accurate. She could not help me with my relatiinship. Which I’m ok with because she said another relationship is going to come. She told me a lot of things I didn’t want to hear but it was the truth. Then she told me some exciting news.

  116. Curiouscat Said:

    Hello ,
    What do you have to say about sister angel rose.i have read she us great with the readings but what about her spells? Has anyone had a good experience with her and got results in getting back an ex? Please help. LGO please email me at Thanks

  117. bittersweet Said:

    can anyone tell me about this site are they real or are they scammers i cant find anything on them if they are realor scammers please help magic spells of stonehenge

  118. ali Said:

    did you have results with spellbinding sisters or was it just good customer service that you are referring to?also did you have results with sheloya i thought you were also doing some work with her? thanks

  119. curious Said:

    Anybody know if Original Ninja cat is currently taking cases?

  120. James Said:

    I found this website about the stone henge

    Apparently, these spells work according to the testimonials and just wandered can you check this out to see if this is a scam 🙂


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