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List OF Real Spell Casters – Lets work together to put scammers out of business!

I am listing again the list of spell casters that I am certain are real. They will do the work you paid for. I am not going to endorse one caster over the other. It is up to each individual to chose the caster they wish to work with. I have no personal relationship with any of these casters. Some I have have used myself and others were used by people who had results from them Not every caster here has ever had 100% results. So if you are seeking a caster who will make such false claims I suggest you do not contact any caster on this list. I am still testing several spell casters, if they turn out to be real I will add them to the list.


Spellbinding sisters: – outstanding customer service and very detailed in their work. Added 8/8/12

Izabael Dajinn  no complaints about her. She came from a recommendation from the Evocation website
Fuerza Ndoki site is being worked on righ at the time of this posting -recommended by the evocation website
Ninja Cat She is a little rough but honest. She does not take every case

Jason Miller’s recommended by the evocation website…I like this guy, he is a little on the blut side. I have never used this caster but a reliable source stated she had a weight loss spell done that worked. – Chris is a very nice guy, knows what he is talking about. Not so sure how accurate his readings are as I have had mixed reviews. Few have seen movement in this spells, I do not know of anyone who has completed spell work with him as of yet but will update if anyone reports results. I have commucicated with this caster myself and see no issues. He is a little pricy but he pays attention to detail. – nice guy will do the work you paid for  confirmed 100% real. Slow to respond to emails, requires you to have a great deal of patience, he is extremely detailed in his work. ***I do not recommend this caster however*** I receive a lot of complaints from clients about this caster.  He does not respond to emails and is slow at starting work.  Very nice lady, but extremely busy since the word got out about a successful love spell she did. She has more clients than you knows what to do with

Conjureman Ali –  takes his work very seriously – cheap spells and the work they do is very intense  Robin the witch, nice lady, but has gotten busy as well. Customer service is not what it use to be.(6/18/12- it pains me to do this but it would appear that Robin has taken on too many clients and I am receiving a ton of reports that she is not providing good customer service. Until she can get backon track I do not suggest that anyone use her. This does not mean she is not real, it just means she took on more than she can handle). You can call the number listed on the site as I will not list her personal information here. She is a nice lady, not quick to respond to emails or phone calls but eventually gets around to it. –  real but have mixed feeling on customer service – Super nice guy, will stay with you till the bitter end. –  Hector nice guy, I have  has lots of reports that his spells had movement and about 3 people reported full results. this lady is very interesting. She is also very detailed in her workings. – Know of a guy that used him. The spell was not successful but he did the work – just know she is real – will do the work, really nice man, do not know about his success rate. Nice man I have not worked with him. All I can assure you is he will do the work you paid for.