Email Address only spell casters

All these spell casters are verified con men!


One email mail to show how I get information about these fake spell casters if you use online spell casters you will get burned!


Anonymous  said…

Patty holy Crap the dirty bitch gave me the same casters name with another name

Patty said…
Sheilla is a fuckin liar, this is the email she sent and this fucker she recommend scammed me..dirty ass bitch.

From: Carrick Sheilla
Sent: 08/06/11 10:59 PM
To: Patty Jones

Subject: Re: Spell Caster thats the email address of the second spell caster that ive used in Nigeria i just got it from my Diary. you may use any of the two they are both reliable.

August 28, 2011 11:06 AM

Sheilla said…
Patty you will never have your heart desire except you confess on this site about the false message you posted and all who claims my name on this blog.

August 28, 2011 1:29 PM



  1. Val Said:

    so both and are fake??? because i got an email from saying my husband and me are the perfect match but that danger is coming his way that death is coming his way soon..hoping this guy is a scammer and none of this is true and he gets stopped for doing these kinds of awful things to people.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Val…they use that to scare people into buying spells. Its interesting you mentioned, but his email address is people have been using his name for years. What I know of him is one person that came to me for help reported she had a reading from him, he sent all the things he was supposed to send her and nothing worked. Below is part of a message I received from the girl who used him. Regardless I do not recommend any spell caster from Africa regardless of who they are. Knowledge is power so don’t let these faxe spell casters put things in your head that is not real. You can also google ifayemi Elebuibon to learn more about him.

      To: “Ifayemi Elebuibon”
      Date: Saturday, October 29, 2011, 2:58 AM

      The soap I received has helped me feel better, I am not so sad all the time anylonger. I did have a quuestion however, the work that was done will it help save my marriage or does IFA think my marriage is over? I would like to know so I can move on instead of hanging on and suffering.

      • Val Said:

        Ok thank you soo much, at first I was scared but not anymore. These ppl should be stopped but thank you for your time and I’m glad that it’s a fake.

  2. lucky Said:

    I just want everyone to know is a fake! He or she is a nasty person! He or she charges 300$ for consultation this is not even for spell work! They need to be stoped!

    From Lord Game Over: I wanted to make sure my comment in responce to your post was not overlooked. Mo is on my list because I am certain he is 100% real. He makes no secret that he charges $300 to have a reading with your head i’m not sure what is fake about that.

    I will say that the man is slow and rude…I agree with that 100%. Would I use him to cast a spell, I have tried and he was not interested and I am glad he did not accept as would be waiting until he fealt like doing the work.

    This caster does things his way and does not care about his customer service at all. If you are in a situation to have a apell cast and expect a caster to communicate with you on your time, this is not the caster for you to use. Again, the casters on my list are real casters and I do not care if anyone uses anyone on the list or not….it’s not my money. However to say a caster is fake because he charges 300 dollars for a reading is obsurd….its published on his site.

    My final words…I do not care for this caster at all.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Lucky, I personally used Moloch Sorcery and it is clear on his website that it cost 300 for a reading that involves contacting your head spirit. I had that done and he is in fack slow and very rude. The experience I had when he actually did the reading was out of this world. So he is not fake, would I recommend that anyone use him? No because his customer service is too slow for everyone and he is too rude to work with if you are emotional…he is on my list because he is real…its just that simple.

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