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Welcome to my blog everyone. Over the last few months I have come to realize that fake spell scams on the internet has become a multimillion dollar business. Anyone with a computer can prey on the desperate and those in need. I have seen people getting scammed because they are trying to find a job to improve economic situations, spells to get lost love back and spells to cure illnesses. I have read some of the most bizarre stories on line about people getting their hear desire because of a spell caster. Look deep inside yourself when you read these stories and ask yourself are these people here to help me or deceive me? Your gut feeling does not lie. Let’s work together to put these people out of business. If you took your auto to a shop and the mechanic told you that you need to pay before he fixes your carwould you? Well the same applies when seeking any service. You pay after the services have been received. In spell casting they promise results so no results means no payment.  Also while the majority of scammers are located in Nigeria, they also have a significant amount of scammers in the USA and other parts of the world to include Canada, iceland, UK and so on.

Below is a partial list of tricks that fake spell casters use to get your confidence scam:

  1. You do not have to pay unless you get results but send money western union, pay pal or money gram  for materials.
  2. You do not have to send any money but I need you to buy the materials and send to me. The list often includes live animals and things they
    know you cannot gain access to.
  3. Send the money to a local store in their country and they will go by and pick up the materials





  1. tulip Said:

    is honorable or scammer?

    • lordgameover Said:

      oops…I sent you an email. They are 100% a scam

      • lordgameover Said:

        Please feel free to post any caster you use that turns out to be a scam here so others will know.

  2. DrQuinn Said:

    Hi! I was going to order a spell from Dr Snake, but I was lucky enough to find that forum and then your blog. Have you heard of Master Pluto Craft (Yevgeniy)? He even posts videos about magick. He is located in the US and is of some Russian descent I think. He quoted me $1500 to clean up the negative energy around me and to break-up my ex’s relationship and bring him back to me. Thanks again for this list!

    • lordgameover Said:

      Master Pluto Craft is a new website. I read the content and I am not a big fan of any spell caster who make claims that the can resolve cases in 14 days…huge red flag. Think about it for a moment, if such a powerful spell caster walked the face of this earth why would so many people be looking for a spell caster? The fake casters always tell you that your relationship is in trouble because of another person or because of dark energy around you. I am sorry but I do not buy into that at all. I have spent thousands of dollars on spell casters who told me the same thing and not a single one has ever resolved my issue. I finally stopped seeking spell work for that issue. I have never heard of Master Pluto Craft and I do not know of anyone who has used her services.

      • DrQuinn Said:

        I don’t know, he sounded genuine, did a free reading and stuff… Who of the above mentioned spellcasters have you had results with? What about the spellcasters with thousans of positive rates from buyers on ebay? I am now working with Robin, will see…

      • lordgameover Said:

        I have found ebay casters that are real. You didn’t mention any names so I do no’t know who you are speaking about. If you are speaking about Dr Snake, he is still a fake. Results for one person is not relevant. It is fact that just because one caster was able to get one person results does not mean that same caster can get another person results. For example I had a spell cast by Robin, I got results and I know of others who also got results but I also know people who have gotten no results at all.

    • Khyle Mccord Said:

      Master Pluto Craft ( Yevgeniy). I believe in him. He is honest, fair and firm. He will not tell you what you want to hear. He is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. His prices are reasonable. (very low) which is good because that means that he want to help all people and is not solely in it for the money. When he told me what he would be charging me to take on my case I said to myself how does he make a living of of what he does. I sent him extra money and he returned it. He is not one of those scammers that knows how desperate you are and keeps bleeding you dry every payday saying that some unexpected things came up and I will need to purchase more materials. He is the real deal and has helped me to be calm and relaxed during my ordeal. What I mean is that I can feel a peace come over me while he is working on my case. I know that I will get results with Master Pluto Craft and I have absolutely no doubts about it!

      • lordgameover Said:

        Khyle, you are the second person I see promoting this caster. I have looked into this caster, he works with a lady by the name of Nancy. It is my understanding that her readings is not very accurate. With that said, I cannot say if this caster is real or not because I have never used his services nor do I know of anyone who has. I know he is a fairly young guy and I know where he is located and I know he advertise on a social website, but he is human so I see no fault in any of the things he does. If you happen to get results from him let me know. At this time I will not recommend his services and will not place him on my list of valid casters because of the advertisement I have been seeing…red flag for me, but thanks for sharing.

  3. DrQuinn Said:

    Ok, I don’t want to flood your forum but I really need a second opinion, because I am not rich, and I’m quite desperate already.
    On ebay there is this Cleopatra’s Coven (Rita). She has a lot of positive feedback, but the problem with ebay is that customers have only 30 days to leave feedback. Also there is White Mountain Magick; Amelia (moonstruck9000); VoodooWitchCoven; DoveMacob; Moonlitashes (The Coven of Six); Spell Bound Magick (Kat&Wendy); Three Northern Witches (Three Witch Coven); Alexandar the Syncretist; The Breath of Isis, and more…

    • lordgameover Said:

      May I suggest that you do a simple google search on each caster? I do not investigate ebay spell casters due to ebay policy of fraud. With that said, ebcasters in my opinion falls in the same category as all thoes who are casting spells. You will only know if they are a scam if someone reports them. If no one reports them then there is no way to be certain. In addition even if a spell caster is real, not a single spell caster alive can tell you they can get you the desired results with a 100 % gurantee, if they do they are telling you a lie. My purpose is to empower individuals seeking spell work. That means I cannot do all the checks for you always.

    • lordgameover Said:

      Quinn, I am providing some links that will give you some feedback on the casters you referenced.

      Cleopatra’s Coven (Rita)

      White Mountain Magick- I did not find anything on line about them

      I suggest you go the the following forum and ask questions about ebay spell casters at

      • DrQuinn Said:

        Thank you! Yes, I know you cannot check all of them, I just wanted to find out whether you’ve heard anything about any of them.

  4. hi lordgameover! I was just wondering how else I can message you. Anyways im literally crying while writing this. I have been scammed by many spell casters as well, and feel like giving up on everything since i cant get any help. I get doubts to try hector but then something is telling me to give him a try he just might be the one to really help me. I know he is very expensive thats why I get alot of doubts. But then again Im doing this for the person I truly love with all my heart and soul and want him to start dating me. Hectors reading do seem very accurate and maybe a thing or two wont make sense but oh well. I also heard people who got scammed by many but real results by hector so its more convincing for me to give him a try. He turns people down if he cant help them and he says he takes 9 days to cast the spell, wow. Can you please tell me if you heard of any success stories from people you know who got spells cast by hector? this is very important to me because Im thinking giving him $921 for a love ritual. thats way too expensive i know omgg 😦 . I already sent him a dirty underwear and dirty sock lol. I hope to hear from you soon, thanks,

    • harris Said:

      sunshine lady……. whats your progress on hectors work that i believe was done in march. if any updates please kindly let me know.. thanks 🙂

  5. Said:

    Do not waste your money on Rita (PS youwontforgetme/Cleopatra Coven) on eBay…if you ask questions before purchasing you will receive a response almost instantly but after purchasing you will find it hard to get in touch with her…spells do not work and when you finally get in touch with her she will offer a recast then goes back to not responding! Waste of money and time!

  6. Is this by any chance a parody of Lord Finesse !! LOL LOL

  7. Mia Said:

    Hi, I had been scam for $1500 from stupid negro africa, I swear I will never deal with this racial contempt, bitch! Do know the ebay seller thebreathofisis/nico winters? I heard there are complaint about her trouble communicate after paying. I also release it when she more hard to replay my every single of question after i deal with her than before.
    I saw the good thing about this seller creepyhollow with her long explaination. I already contact one of her customer confidently the spell work for her. I want to register creepyhollow forum but i dont know how. can u tell me?

    • lordgameover Said:

      Goodness…Do not use casters in africa. I have not found a single one ever that has been able to produce results. If that happens I will broadcast it to everyone. Until then do not western union money to anyone out of country.”If you go to look to the top left and you will see where it says register.

      • Mia Said:

        Ok, where should i write on ‘What is the second word of the name of this site? (capitalization matters):’?

      • Mia Said:

        Oh yeah, the stupid negro africa scammer is drbomboka, mamaromata and so on most likely.

      • lordgameover Said:

        Mia, I understand your frustration. The people that come here seeking assistance are from all races and cultural backgrounds. please try to express yourself another way when referring to scammers. I agree that Nigeria is the scam capital of the world just in case you did not know that. Several FBI warnings posted.

      • Mia Said:

        hi, what should i answer these last question on register?
        What is the second word of the name of this site? (capitalization matters):

      • lordgameover Said:

        Mia, not sure what you are asking or who the question is directed to.

      • mia Said:

        Yes, i don’t know why i cannot register it.

  8. jenny dah Said:

    Hi Im jenny and I have tried a couple spell casters and its weird cuz I had a spell cast on my husband and it worked all most imediatly but on my self it seems to start working then all the sudden maybe stop.the spells i ordered were from califorina astrology assoc. I like 2 yrs ago orderd a crap load of spells from this 7 witches coven and have yet to see even one result to my knowladge. As for dr. snake idk yet. I have been inquireing about this new one i found and i searched the internet for complaints about him but found nothing does anybody know anything about this guy… or also what about http://www.real can these two be trusted?????please help! also how do you search ebay for spell casters? i tried a search an all i got was “books”. any help would be great!!!

    • lordgameover Said:

      Jenny are you sure you got results from California Astrology assoc? They are a huge scam so you comment shocked me. real african voodoo is a scam…they scammed me a long time ago so I know. I was not able to locate from the link you provided.

      • loveno1 Said:

        sorry i spelled it wrong and typed it wrong…the guys name is dominic and its…and as i stated above yes i saw results from CAA. . I actually saw results in my husband as well as EVERY single time i ever asked for a refund, whether to change/cancel an order I always received my money back. ALWAYS.

  9. Cecilia Said:

    Hi everyone. 1st I would like to advise that any spell caster from Africa is without a doubt a con artist. I live in South Africa and I have lost more money than you can imagine due to these False Casters, and believe me, i am not the only one. In fact some people have lost more than a million and their homes. These people are exceptionally good at conning people. In fact, in Uganda (west Africa), they are taught from a young age how to con people in this way. They are masters in destruction !! With regards to Plutocraft. I cannot give you too many details as he is still busy with my spell work. What i can tell you is that 1 month ago, he diagnosed my case – and was exceptionally accurate. He began working with me immediately and within 2 weeks, everything in my life changed !! I am making more money now than ever before, i am coming up with brilliant business ideas, and i receive new clients daily !! I was practically destitute when i first spoke to him, and 1 month later – My life is bliss !! He is helpful, supportive and replies to every mail ! I do believe that success in spell work also depends on your attitude and Plutocraft teaches you to be calm, have faith – No Fear or Doubt – and that is how he gets results quickly. Another thing, he doesn’t ask for his whole payment upfront. It is a 3 part payment. 1 part to start, 2nd when you get some results and 3rd part when you get the final result !!! Now, that also proves something !! I have seen the hundreds of con artists on the net – i have researched almost of them. These people are not there to help anybody, but themselves. Plutocraft is the real deal ! I would recommend him to anybody who needs help… i will post again, when i get my final result 🙂 ..

    ANSWER: I have has several people ask about Pluto Craft in the past. You are the first to report back that you are working with him so I will allow this post.

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